Dr. David Perkis

Dr. David Perkis (Dave) joins the Shor Foundation as chief economist, focusing on the research efforts of the Blue Collar Dollar Institute.  He holds a Ph.D. in natural resource economics from Purdue University, with a focus on energy markets, as well as an M.A. in economic data analysis from the University of Cincinnati, and a B.S.E. in chemical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dave grew up in a lower-middle class neighborhood amongst hard-working families.  He is a strong advocate for reshoring manufacturing businesses and developing alternative training paths for the types of quality jobs available in manufacturing, construction, and other high skilled trades.  He is a critic of many of the economic models employed by governments and central banks.  These models often ignore entrepreneurial drive, as well as the diversity of backgrounds, cultures, skills, and wealth possessed by Americans, that lead to creativity and prosperity.

While Dave started his career as a chemical engineer within Procter & Gamble’s Research and Development Division, he soon transitioned into the field of economics and statistics, having served as a researcher and educator at the University of Cincinnati, the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Purdue University, and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Dave’s background is very much in line with the mission of the Shor Foundation, to improve economic and health outcomes for American families.  Over his career, he has published in highly reputable journals on topics such as energy technology and markets, economic solutions to environmental pollution, and improving public health outcomes.  More recently, he has taken a leadership role in adopting and developing technology to enhance research and teaching in economics.  Below are links to some of his recent efforts in technology adaptation.

Michael Berghaus

Michael Berghaus is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, where he earned his undergraduate degree as a double-major in Business Economics and Finance. With a passion for reshoring manufacturing to the United States, Michael is driven to help rebuild the country’s manufacturing base, particularly in industries that produce goods critical to U.S. growth. Michael’s belief that the middle class in the United States has been fragmented in recent years is rooted in the loss of the country’s manufacturing base. Growing up with relatives who worked in Cleveland manufacturing, Michael has seen firsthand the impact that outsourcing has had on American workers and communities.
As a key member of the Blue Collar Dollar Organization, Michael has played essential roles in coordinating the activities of the research group and acting as lead data manager for our repository of information on jobs and the middle class. In his role as a researcher, he has compiled information on wages and trade imbalances, as well as the policies the U.S. has implemented that impact the plight of the middle class, while his role of financial planning and analysis (FP&A) for the primary foundation has provided him with insights regarding the U.S. financial position. He is passionate about advancing the organization’s mission of supporting the middle class and promoting the growth of American manufacturing.


Gerry has been with The Charles L Shor Foundation over 5 years, leading the organization’s operations and finance.  He holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Cincinnati, and has further completed his MS in Finance with a concentration in Corporate Finance & Portfolio Management.

Gerry grew up in a small river town in Northern Kentucky, and as a result, witnessed first hand the stuggles of hard-working middle class families.  When growing up, Gerry watched in angst as local car plants shuttered and Blue Collar Workers fears shifted to putting food on the table.  Gerry quickly found, through years of inquisitive research, that unfair trade and currency misalignment played major roles in the job losses and hardship he was witnessing.  This very problem is what the BCDI aims to solve.

Gerry has worked in corporate finance for a major food manufacturer, and also held a role as a Financial Advisor.  He brings insight to the Blue Collar Dollar Intitute through his deep understanding of financial markets and the underlying implications on economic activity and trade.  He is a vital member of the organization’s leadership team, helping to guide its strategic direction and shape its priorities. Gerry is also heavily involved in external relations, working tirelessly to build relationships with stakeholders and allies across a range of industries.  In addition, Gerry serves as the CFO/CIO for the organization’s primary foundation. In this capacity, he is responsible for ensuring that the foundation’s finances are managed effectively and efficiently, allowing it to make the biggest possible impact on the lives of those it serves.